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Go To This Site Called Shopify- An E-commerce Platform

Shopify is an electronic-commerce platform that was created in the year 2005. It has gone on to report that they host the stores for over one million businesses with a sum total volume of the 41 billion dollars across the world.

The clients of Shopify range from the smaller businesses making around a couple hundred in the monthly revenue to the multi-million dollar every month. That means you can go to this site of Shopify which is a great choice for the businesses eyeing to find the solution in the longer term.

Why Shopify Is So Successful?

  • Quite Simple– the entire secret behind the business model of Shopify is making the creation of the online stores as convenient and easy as possible.
  • You don’t require programming skills, the skills of server managing, and the designing skills at all in order to run the successful Shopify store. Even though a few CSS & HTML knowledge goes a pretty long way when you are not thoroughly content with any of the themes.

The Advantages Of The Shopify

Following are the advantages that you would take advantages of when using the Shopify platform-

  • Easy in terms of use
  • Amazing inventory system
  • Pretty Flexible
  • Quite Affordable
  • Beautiful themes & that too free
  • You can easily add several payment methods

What Differentiates Shopify From Other Platforms

E-Commerce Web Design

What really makes the Shopify quite powerful and also differentiates is its wide range of the tools to opt from. There is the plugin for nearly everything – beginning from the automated electronic-mail marketing to displaying users pop-ups about the on-going discounts.

How Does This Work?

If you are someone who is eyeing to get going with the Shopify then it all boils down to the below mentioned simple steps:

  • Firstly, you need to register the Shopify account
  • Opt and customize the theme
  • Setup the plugins
  • Setup the payment processors
  • Add the shipping methods
  • Link the domain
  • Add on the products
  • Publish the store and accept the customer’s orders!

Shopify goes on to handle all the difficult stuff for you all– right from the servers, hosting,  and the backups to ensure any of your valuable information and data never gets lost.

Final Words

So that’s that for anyone who is a layman and got no idea on Shopify. Hopefully, this guide will serve you all.