Main types of marijuana you should know about

Main types of marijuana you should know about

There are a large number of marijuana variants, depending on the plant from which the leaves and stem are obtained. Regardless of its origin, there are other factors that can alter existing types of marijuana, such as the amount of light the plant requires, the type of flowering it has (it can be a regular, feminized or autoflowering plant) or the time of year in which it is obtained. Click here for marijuana for sale.

Below we indicate the three main types that can be found naturally, from which the hundreds of varieties that currently exist have been hybridized and elaborated by artificial selection.

Cannabis sativa

Originally from countries with a tropical climate, cannabis sativa is one of the best-known varieties of cannabis plants. In fact, the typical leaf that people usually imagine when talking about marijuana is usually of this variety. We are dealing with one of the most consumed types of marijuana, generally coming from South America or Asia. They are usually high-rise plants, being the most frequent to see in outdoor plantations. Visit this site for marijuana for sale.

Main types of marijuana you should know about

The psychoactive effects of the marijuana extracted from this variety tend to be activating and psychoactive due to its high amount of delta-9-tetraidrocannabinol or THC. It stimulates appetite and physical and social activity, causing feelings of euphoria. In many cases, its consumption is also associated with the presence of hallucinations, which may increase the possibility of triggering psychotic episodes and even contribute to the manifestation of disorders such as schizophrenia.

Cannabis Ruderalis

In countries like Russia or Siberia you can find a natural variety, cannabis ruderalis. This plant, although sometimes considered a cannabis sativa variety, has the peculiarity that it presents great resistance and the ability to flourish regardless of the level of light. It is usually used in hybridization to create other varieties because of it.

Small in size, it is low in THC and high in CBD, making its effects more relaxing than activating and is sometimes used medicinally.


Theprevious varieties of cannabis and marijuana can be found naturally. However, based on them, humans have been creating different varieties in order to obtain different effects or increase resistance or proliferation, through artificial selection in nurseries and plantations.

The type of effect that is obtained in each case depends on the type of hybrid that has been created and its origin. That is why this category is much more heterogeneous than the previous ones, since the combinations and the crossing of genes make the variety of products obtained very wide.