Knowing Your Customers

Knowing Your Customers Will Lead To Satisfaction

Having a business that has just been initiated or has been running for a long time will certainly meet obstacles, which is normal in the business world. Obstacles in business, of course, should be minimized so that they don’t keep on happening and disrupt your business performance The most common obstacle is the lack of sales transactions. Both in offline and online businesses the lack of sales seems to be one of the major issues. This is caused by several factors such as lack of promotion or innovation, unsatisfactory services and lack of consumer confidence in your product or services.

Customers Reviews

Collecting reviews from your customers is an important aspect to consider for your business. This will increase your business credibility and trust amongst new customers. A review by another party will lead to more confidence in your product or services. Therefore, a good review will foster your business’s credibility. Your product or business will be more easily found by your consumers. Because it is reviewed or promoted by another party, the business opportunity here is for your products to be found by prospective customers more easily. Moreover, review services offer SEO Friendly articles reviewing your services, so if potential customers do not find your website in a search engine, they can still find your product through the review website.

customer satisfaction

Reviews for Sales Increase

This is also an effective promotional media. Promoting products or services through a review will be more effective because the review article will contain various information about your product. And this can lead to an increase in sales if the reviews show customer satisfaction. If you go through more than one product review, the opportunity for sales transactions will increase too. Developing target markets, loyal consumers who review products with articles can help you foster your business. This is first-hand information: the result of me engaging directly with clients who have reviewed products. The target market of a product might be locally restrained at first. But reviews are like word of mouth, they let the information spread, and are also capable to reach a more widespread audience than it was at first.

Trust Scale

Customer reviews on the website help increase the prospect’s trust in the business. Reviews show that a company is quite confident and transparent with the performance of their products and how their business is run. From here, potential customers can judge whether a product might be good or bad. This point is extremely important: 94% of customers read online reviews from previous customers. As many as 84% of them consider online reviews as important as recommendations from friends or family. In addition to reviews written by customers, also replies from the company are important. Almost 41% of people claimed to have a good impression of the company finding out that they replied to reviews made by customers of their products. This gives the idea that the business puts customer satisfaction first, and is ready to answer their questions.