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Fastback rails: fast and innovative thermal bonding

As we noted in previous articles, thermal bonding is quickly becoming one of the most popular bonding styles, both for ease of manufacturing and for the attractiveness of the finish. The Fastback joining system is one of the most convenient and unique thermal bonding methods. In this article, we will review the Fastback system and discover how it differs from the competition.

The basics

Fastback Super Strips are bright strips on a paper base with hot melt adhesive previously applied to the bottom side. While there are other similar thermal fabric tapes on the market, Super Strips has some distinctive features that make them special. They are made to be extremely environmentally friendly, with a minimum of 50% recycled content in the paper component (including up to 25% pulp after consumption) and an environmentally neutral adhesive that emits no smoke harmful. The patented “smart” coding is used on the adhesive side of each strip, which determines the size and style of the strip used, and the strapping machine automatically adjusts to the optimum setting, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

Binding fastback

Linking to fastback stripes is very easy. If you are using a Fastback 11 binding machine, the documents are joined in a simple four-step process. As soon as the machine heats up, the first light on the three-color display panel turns on. Insert your documents and align them to the right. When the second indicator starts to flash, press the green button on the machine. The third indicator will flash, indicating that it is time to insert a binding strip. Remove the book as soon as the three indicators begin to flash and allow it to cool slightly on the cooling rack.

If you are using a 15xs Fastback binding machine, the binding process will be even easier. Once the machine reaches the desired temperature, the message “Ready for binding” appears on the screen. Book clamps automatically open to a narrow width, but can be opened to accommodate thicker documents by pressing the “OPEN” button. Align the documents and insert them into the folder, sliding them to the right side of the hole. Then, press the green “BIND” button, which closes the clips in the book.

In Review

Thermal fabric is one of the easiest ways to achieve a professional book finish in any document. There are many excellent strapping machines on the market, but fastbacks decatur il systems are the most innovative. The machines themselves are carefully designed for ease of use and come with unique features.