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Development and Usage of TikTok as an Entertainment App

Development and Advancement of science and technology lead the people to get more and new experience in recent times. As an output of technology development availability and usage of smartphones and tablets increased. The operating systems of smartphones and tablets are not the same as in the computer where the separate operating system has been adopted if regular smartphone then android and if Apple phone then iOS. Hence, the computer software could not use in those devices so applications need to develop to get the service of the software used in the Computer. Most of the applications will be developed by the respective software providers.

For all kinds of utility number of applications were developed and will be available in Google play store, their official sites, or at a website that provides service related to the applications. The technology and device development supportthe emergenceof various social media platforms that can be used on the computer as well as on smartphones. All the social media platforms are useful in sharing the user’s thoughts and talents in the form of words and videos. In those social media applications, TikTok is being the most famous and interesting application that can be used on smartphone and tablet devices.

download tiktok

TikTok application is not a completely new platform that has been developed where it is an improvised version of a combination of musically and Douyin applications. This platform opens the way for users to make and watch short videos usually accompanied byvarious music. Since it is being entertainment-oriented application more users downloaded and installed it on their devices to relax and enjoy the moment. Survey says that more than eight hundreds millions active users are accessing this application. The user is interested to download tiktok on their devices to use then they have to visit the app store. This is the application is at the top downloading in both applications service centers called Google and Apple App Store.

TikTok functioningbased on the Do-It-Yourself way where the users can create short videos with the background play of music that will be available in the applications. It helps to improve the user’s imagination and creativity skills also this application had the facility to connect the people and one may get the opportunity to develop the network. This may enhance their communication ability. The short videos can be made with the help of available editing tools in the applications. Using this application many social media celebrities are grown.