electrical contractors in Los Angeles

The Top 5 Electrical Contractors in Los Angeles

Electrical contractors are usually involved with work related to the design, construction of certain electrical systems and installations. Oftentimes, they are confused with electricians whereas they are focused more on the business aspect of the job. They hold a license through which they operate. Different states have different requirements to which they adhere. They are also responsible for the supply of electricity which is used to power facilities.

What to look for in an Electrical Contractor?

Before selecting an electrical contractors in Los Angeles, one needs to make sure they have a license, catalog of services they provide ad credibility. Services like bulb replacement, rewiring, lighting, meter installation are a few of the basic services to look for. Knowing the pricing of a particular service is important too, to make sure one doesn’t overpay. Comparing their offers with the ones already existing in the market could do wonders.

Famous Electrical Contractors in Los Angeles

  • Electric Brothers

They are located in Los Angeles, locally owned and operated. It was established in 3 years. With a set of established professionals and workmanship, it has become one of the most reliable companies for the residents of Los Angeles.

  • MH Electric

With 15 years into the business, the company offers customized solutions for their clients with certified professionals in their corner, the company has grown huge.

  • North Air

The company is located on Glenoaks Boulevard Street. It has been 27 years in business. They have payment plans for their clients. They also provide Emergency and last-minute services.

  • All In One Electrical

The company is located on Tilden Avenue. They offer commercial services and have licensed professionals who work for the company.

  • Advance Electrical Service

It is located on Glendale Avenue, CA. They have lighting repair and installation; they are open on all days. They have a website where the clients can schedule the meeting.

These contractor agencies have been verified and hold credible services. They also have been yelp reviewed and offer a lot of different services with customized options. All of these businesses are locally owned and based in Los Angeles, CA.