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The Benefits of Card Payments for Small Businesses

Today the law requires anyone with a business or professional activity to accept card payments.

The good news is that offering your customers a convenient method of payment can produce positive results and numerous business benefits. The other good news is that banks don’t have a monopoly on payment terminals. Some 신규 꽁머니 companies provide card readers that turn their smartphone into a POS

Below we list the main reasons why you should not fear digital payments, but welcome them into your business and make them advantageous.

  1. Time optimization

Although it may arouse tactile and visual satisfaction, working exclusively with cash is the basis of a series of daily tasks and gestures which, in the presence of an automatic registration system, will be considerably streamlined.

Digital collections – i.e. card payments – are supported by a registration system that visibly reduces the scope of accounting -related tasks to be performed at the end of the working day, or even twice a day depending on business hours.

The merchant will be able to dedicate himself to the last customers with greater peace of mind, reduce the work “behind the scenes” during the closing hours of the shop and consequently increase the free time. The greater the amount of electronic payments, the less work will be.

Not to be underestimated is the advantage of card payments during the customer’s check-out . The latter will not be forced to look for cents in the wallet nor the cashier to check the amounts and provide for the rest. Payment by card only takes a few seconds.

  1. Security

Security is a burning issue that forces the owner of a business to always be on guard, inside and outside the store.

At the end of the day, the contri don’t always come back. If this can be considered physiological (no one is infallible in their work), a much greater concern concerns the suspicions and the lack of trust that is created towards employees.

The owner of a shop lives perpetually on his toes, with the suspicion – unfortunately sometimes justified – of the lack of honesty of some workers.

But an issue capable of arousing even more concern is external security, linked to the transfer of considerable sums of cash to the bank.

Receiving payments by debit card, credit card, debit card or prepaid card has a positive effect on the security and the level of stress that goes hand in hand with the amount of cash in circulation.

  1. Customer trust

The anachronistic image of our country does not correspond to reality. To deny the traditionalist nature of Italy are the recent data relating to the payment methods used in Italy last year: digital transactions – that is, with cards, smartphones or other “virtual” systems – amount to 220 billion euros. Cards and smartphones are becoming more and more popular with consumers, no longer forced to tinker with one- or two-cent bills and coins.