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Why is Popcorn a Perfect Snack for You and Entire Family?

Popcorn is considered as whole grain food that is made with maize. This resembles corn on a cob. Some corn strains are cultivated as popping corn. And popcorn is made from 3 important components endosperm, germ and pericarp. Endosperm is yellow or white in colour and made from hard and soft starch granules. Living part of kernel is called germ or embryo. And outer hull is pericarp made from cellulose. This popping corn expands out from kernel as well as puffs up when it is heated.

Health Advantages

There’re some health benefits of eating salted popcorn snacks. Besides being very high in fiber content, popcorn has phenolic acids, one kind of antioxidant. Additionally, popcorn is the whole grain, one very important food group, which will help to reduce risk of heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension among humans.

best popcorn quality Lower Diabetes Risk

The whole grains are popularly known to provide several health benefits to people. An important benefit for eating whole grains will be reduced risk of the diabetes that is shown to be true for the middle-aged women and men.

Besides fiber, popcorn is an amazing source of polyphenols that are antioxidants, which are linked to improved blood circulation as well as digestive health, and lower risk of cancers.

Next important benefit is the high satiety. Due to popcorn’s high content of fiber, the low calorie count as well as lesser energy density, popcorn snack is considered to help in the weight loss. For instance, popcorn is shown to make the people feel much fuller than the similar calorie potato chips.

High in Polyphenol

Polyphenols are the antioxidants that actually help to protect cells from any kind of damage by the free radicals. One of the study showed that popcorn has huge amounts of polyphenols that are linked to many health benefits.  It includes improved digestive health, better blood circulation, and reduced risk of several diseases.