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Why Is Kargo Technologies Going To Be Your Go To Now

When it comes to cargo and trucking technologies in Indonesia, people really close their eyes and give it to the hands of  Kargo Technologies for its trustworthy performance scales over time. They have literally been the first ever editorial team to ever put up a raw and honest and well informed comparison against Deliveree for themselves. They highlighted the key services they provide over Deliveree for their logistics readers. But in this comparison, they were quite honest too, which was well appreciated and why readers started to put their faith in them. Some of the following categories are really the expertise of Deliveree and they readily accepted that. Let’s see what exactly did they feature in that comparison article that blew them to popularity.

  1. Price Competitiveness

They admitted that Deliveree is better at it, they are well resourced and capable of providing the same services as them but at much lower rates that are more feasible for their customers.

  1. Services

Again a win for Deliveree as they indeed provide some really customer oriented services that are well beyond the capabilities and budget of Kargo Technologies.

  1. Fleet choices

With hands over better fleet choices, Deliveree had its deep root in this category too.

  1. Communication

From a smooth messaging portal, a fast CS response system, a very efficient live tracking technology and a smooth navigational app, they are literally the kings in the industry.

And that’s something so brave to confess, to admit that you probably aren’t the best in the industry but you are still transparent and credible, and that is definitely a qualifying factor!