What people in Ottawa should know about banner stands

What people in Ottawa should know about banner stands

Wondering how to put up your unique banner for display?

Banner stands are the perfect solution. The banner stands in Ottawa, ON, are the best way to put up your messages on displays, exhibits, and indoor or outdoor events.

Main benefits of using a banner stand in Ottawa, ON?

The reason for the popularity of banner stands can be easily understood as they are

  • Cost-effective and are useable
  • Easily customizable
  • They are portable
  • Creates an impact without taking up much space.

Types of banner stands.

Before buying a banner stand, know the types of banner stands available in the market. There are six types of banner stands-

  1. Pull Up Banner

This is the most popular and common type of banner stand. It is popular because it is fast and easy to set up. It is also easy to transport as it packs down easily and takes less space.

  1. X Banner

This type of banner stand is a low-cost option. It is also popular since it is lightweight and easy to transport. The banner is printed on a non-curl banner vinyl, and the frame is made of a lightweight fiberglass material upon which a non-curl banner vinyl is tensioned.

  1. Fabric Banner Stand

This is an excellent alternative to a pull-up banner. It consists of lightweight aluminum poles similar to fabric banners.  The poles are joined together at the base, where the fabric print slides over, allowing the graphic to be seen from both sides.

  1. TRIGA Banner Stand

This banner stand is a modern and stylish banner stand. It has no spring-loaded mechanisms or moving parts.

  1. Wave light Tower

This is a backlit tower. It is inflatable and thus can go from flat packed to fully inflated in just 30 seconds. The inner core is durable and sits on without collapsing.

  1. Bubble Display Stand

This banner stand is uniquely designed. Because of its unique design, the bubble display stand can easily be used outdoors, even during the light wind. The structure is similar to the fabric banner stand.