foundation repair

Everything you need to know about foundation repair

Today foundation damage has been a major problem in many homes. If you are having trouble with the foundation of your building, look up foundation repair near me.

What exactly is meant by “foundation repair”?

Every homeowner and anybody who owns property faces a nightmare when they hear the words “foundation repair.” When the fundamental foundation of a house, building, or structure has been damaged to the point that it has to be restored, foundation repair is necessary. When the building’s primary structure has been compromised or when the concrete is in poor condition, the foundation almost always has to be repaired.

What are the factors that lead to foundation damage?

Damage to foundations is often caused by water intrusion the majority of the time. The presence of moisture in the soil causes the individual components of the soil to either expand or shrink, which in turn causes the foundation of a building to begin to shift and move. Inadequate drainage systems in the region around the foundation may also lead to damages in the structure. The foundation may be affected when there is a leak in the plumbing underneath the building, or when the structure itself has been damaged by natural catastrophes such as earthquakes, floods, or droughts. Both of these scenarios can potentially lead to damage to the structure. When the composition of the soil includes a significant amount of clay, the foundation might be more easily compromised.

Damage to the foundation and its effects

Foundation damage is a major problem that may result in a variety of negative outcomes, including damage to the infrastructure, a loss of value in the context of real estate, malfunctions of the equipment, fractures, and other problems. Damage to the building’s foundation may also make a house or other structure exceedingly hazardous to live in.

Popular types of foundation repair

Slab jacking

Slab jacking is a specialised technique for restoring concrete in which any sunken portion of a concrete slab is elevated by pumping a material into the concrete, which elevates it. Polyurethane foam is the most widely used material. The concrete is drilled with access holes, and any vacant area is subsequently filled. It is the most preferred form of foundation restoration since it offers numerous wonderful benefits in terms of cost savings, punctuality, and appearance.

Steel piering

This refers to the technique of driving several steel pipe piles to repair the foundation settlement. In situations when the building tends to move downhill, steel piering is often used. In conjunction with the steel piers, a hydraulic lifting system is used to raise the foundation and rectify its height, so stabilising it.