over the door organizer

Codify Stuff of Pantry with Over the Door Organizer


The interior design of the kitchen is incomplete without a pantry because it is a shelter of food. In simple words, a “Pantry” is the storage place of various things ranging from beverages to cutlery sets. It is usually placed between the dining hall and the kitchen. Here, the dishes are stored to arrange the food for serving. A pantry organizer is not merely a cupboard but a style statement that holds great practical value.  The premium design of the pantry includes a combination of shelves, drawers, door racks, and small pockets that offer various storage solutions. Thus, you can codify stuff of the pantry with over the door organizer.

Types of Pantries

  • Traditional Pantry– It is usually designed for kitchen cabinetry. It can either be a free-standing unit or integrated into kitchen units. In the traditional pantry, the kitchen items are organized on the shelves and closed with classic bi-folding doors. It has a fixed storage capacity. It is very convenient to use.
  • Butler’s Pantry– Unlike the traditional pantry, the Butler’s pantry is a separate room between the dining hall and the kitchen. A walk-in space in the pantry room leads you to the kitchen. Primarily, it functions as a storage area. It has an expandable storage capacity. A fridge freezer and some extra workspaces are also provided with a butler’s pantry.


  • Eye-catching style– The pantry is an appealing feature for enhancing the interior design of the kitchen. With beautiful lighting and finishing touches, it gives a premium look to your kitchen.
  • A unique combination of storage and work space– The space below the cupboard drawer or shelves can be used as a workspace for making coffee or microwaving food. It can be tailored according to the lifestyle and tastes of owners.
  • Perfect place to host appliances– Appliances such as toasters, coffee machines, or microwaves can be kept in a designated pantry. It helps to keep your space of kitchen neat and clean.


A pantry is the soul of the kitchen. It is the perfect place for the storage of kitchen appliances. With the help of a pantry, you can free up the workspace in the kitchen.