Guide On Selling Your Used Motorhome

Upgrading? Downgrading? Are you looking for a new form of transportation?

Whatever the situation may be, several helpful recommendations can save you time, money, and aggravation whether you want to sell your RV now or in the future.

And whether you’ve had your motorhome for a year or a decade, you’ll find all the best advice here. When it comes time to sell my motorhome, this thorough guide is the best place to start.

How do I sell my motorhome?

Whether you’re a seasoned motorhome or a first-time buyer, you’ll undoubtedly contemplate to sell my motorhome at the same.

Either you’ll realise it’s the incorrect layout for you (as we discovered with our first motorhome), or you’ll opt to upgrade or downsize (like we did with our second when we went from over 3.5 tonnes to under!) Or you might decide that motorhome isn’t for you and pursue other interests.

Selling a Used Motorhome Requires a Lot of Paperwork

Get your papers in order before hunting for possible purchasers. The following documents are required to sell a secondhand motorhome:

Slip of Pink:

The title to your motorhome is required to lawfully – sell it to a potential buyer. Without the pink slip, selling a motorhome will be tough.

Select your state at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and follow the procedures to change car ownership (pink slip).

Report on History:

A thorough history report will help you gain the trust of a potential buyer. For an RV for sale by the owner, this is critical. You may want recall information, salvage title, maintenance records – and accident records.