emf and dementia

EMF’s in our daily life

The EMF’s is the electrical and magnetic field, the electrical radiation is released by voltage and the magnetic rays are released by the electrical value. The higher the voltage value the stronger the electrical rays will be. The strength of the electrical and magnetically radiations level varies based on location and also time. The EMF levels vary from product to product it completely depends on the design of the product. The EMD effects also depend on the distance the person is away from the device. The emf and dementia are interlinked. Let us see some of the emf radiation which you can come across on daily basis.

  • Power lines: The strongest EMF fields you can get are from the transmission lines. But the high voltage levels are decreased by the time it reaches our home. This happens the first reduction is done by the transformers and then the second reduction is done by our home walls. The longer the distance it travels the weaker it becomes. So it is better if your house is far from the power lines.
  • Television and computer screen: The computer and the television emit almost similar radiation of electrical and magnetic fields. That is why nowadays we are getting the LCD, plasma screen and others which emit less amount of electrical and magnetic fields. But still, the children should maintain enough distance from TV and computer screen.
  • Wireless devices: There are many rules and regulations related to the manufacturing of wireless products like mobile phones, cordless phones, and many more. They have a limit on the EMF frequency which is given by the FCC. If you want to know about the FCC number given to the product you can either find them on the cover or on have to check the battery.


Hope this information has helped you to understand how in your home itself you can come across the EMF radiations.