disc protrusion singapore

A detailed view of Nucleoplasty procedure in Singapore

A Nucleoplasty procedure will come under the spine discoplasty procedures, where the procedure of the lumbar disc compression is the treatment that is minimally invasive that uses imaging guidance for treating limp and chronic back pain and this brought on by using a slipped disc. The patients who are suffering from the disc protrusion Singapore or a disc herniation, they are not responding well the conservative care is known as a primary candidate for having a plasma disc decompression.

The Nucleoplasty procedure will take an hour on average and you can contact the specialists in Singapore if you are suffering from pain because of the slipped disc or because of having leg pain and chronic back pain and it is lasting for more than 6 weeks.

Why you have to choose the Nucleoplasty procedure?

Many people or patients have undergone a Nucleoplasty procedure for many reasons. This procedure is itself minimally invasive and there is no need for general anesthesia and here the risk is very low when compared to the complex open surgery. By doing this procedure many people will return their home on the day of the procedure and also the patients of the Nucleoplasty provide patients a faster recovery period.

The specialists in Singapore will provide you complete pain management and also they are committed to helping you in achieving a great quality of life by giving effective pain relief. Before the visit, you can also contact them through telephone or you can contact them through email.