aluminium profile

Aluminium Profiles play important role in Construction Field

The Aluminium profiles provide a major contribution to the construction and building industries. These are aluminium structures with different shapes. These shapes are made by the process called aluminium extrusion process. These structural frames are used to make doors, windows, railings, interior design etc. in the construction field. Some of the other important fields where they are widely used are in retail, sports, light industry, machine manufacturing, transportation, etc. It acts as a structural base for many products. Products made from these are durable for long periods. These products can withstand different environmental conditions like high temperatures, heavy rain, and dust.

Companies in aluminium profile singapore manufactures different profiles for construction companies. These aluminium profiles are better when compared to other wood or timber in a construction company.

Process of Making these Aluminium Profiles

In this process, aluminium metal is passed through the die in small cross-sectional areas. This is called the aluminium extrusion process. Major shapes extruded from this process are solid, hollow and semi-hollow.  This is used to make long structural frames which are known as aluminium profiles. These are now ready for use. These profiles come in different shapes and sizes.

Many companies are producing different aluminium profiles. Because these profiles are highly resistant to corrosion, the automobile industry uses them widely. These aluminium profiles are ideal for design elements, railings, panelling, elevator shafts, driveshafts, staircases cylinder liners etc.

The uses of these profiles are endless. It comes in a simple tube form, complex lattice structure and matrices.These are expensive because of the process of how they are made. But the cost is completely worth it because of the durability it provides. All most all the fields are using these profiles these days.