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The things you should know before buying a watch

Although buying a watch may seem essay, it still requires some attention. Before making your choice, several criteria must be taken into account. This article will allow you to find the perfect watch. Click here for buy luxury watch singapore.

The size

This is an important detail since not all watches are suitable for all people. You will have to take your measurements and then buy accordingly. In general, a large watch will be more suitable for people with large hands. Visit this site for buy luxury watch singapore.


A watch indicated as “waterproof” may not necessarily accompany you underwater. Before fixing your gaze on a specific model, it is essential to understand the different information given regarding its rigidity. A “water resistant” watch cannot be submerged if nothing more than this mention is specified. To pass under water, it must be waterproof at 50 meters.

The glass

The quality of the glass plays in the life of the clock. There are several types of acrylic glass, economical and light, mineral, robust and a little more expensive, sapphire, favorite premium brands and particularly resistant. The type of glass will generally depend on the manufacturer’s choice, but it is good to know the type of watch before buying it.

The bracelet

The bracelet is also important because it allows you to finish the look of a watch but also (and especially) to hold your wrist. Therefore, it is necessary to look at the material, the color and type of clasp, namely a buckle closure, a single folded loop, a double folding clasp (or butterfly), a clip or slider clasp.