Visiting the Church and Learning New Things

Why You Should Go Through The Religious Sect Of Shinchonji Church 

Shincheonji, the church of Jesus, Temple of the Testimony Tabernacle, also known as ShincheonjiChurch of Jesus and Shincheonji. A branch built in South Korea is New Haven, New Earth, and Lee Man-hee is Christian New Strict Development. Shincheonji’s teaching claims that his organizer is the minister of Lee anticipated in the innovative Testament, which was directed by Jesus Christ at the time of the Second Advent, and that the Book of Revelations is secretly written in the illustration to translate Lee. It is suitable for before setting up his religious moment; Lee was a man from a disputed group named Olive Tree, another religious sect that produced the first counter-movement in Korea (post-war).

Teachings of Shincheonjichurch 

The teachings of Shincheonji said that this is a genuine belief with persons accepting salvation at the time of the decisive decision. Not everyone involved in the meeting will be deprived of apologies. The teachings of Lee said that all words have the pair, and this is the clarification that is protracted to the religious sect of both new and old Testament.

Visiting the Church and Learning New Things

What is common in the old and new Testament?

In the Old Testament, you will get to know about the arrival of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, wherein new Testament is all about the arrival of Pastor which is also known as the promised Pastor. He is the one who can interpret the wording of God. According to Lee, he is the one as per the New testament as promised by Christ to come back soon; he usually says that I have the spirit of God.

Final words

There are many interesting and religious things about Lee and the Shincheonji church that you may love to know. If you want to get all that information, then it is recommended to visit the official site so that it becomes easy for you to feel God’s presence by reading the teachings of Shincheonji.