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Which is a more secure mobile wallet or hardware wallet?

If you are an experienced player in the world of bitcoins then you would be well aware of bitcoin wallets. They offer amazing btc to usd rates and help you keep your bitcoins safe and secure.

But with numerous scams related to this electronic currency, it is a question whether these wallets and apps are safe or not.

Mobile wallet or hardware wallet?

If you are considering a secure option then hardware wallets are safer as compared to wallet apps. This is because the hardware ones use specialized security layers to make sure that the keys are not hacked and the bitcoin remains safe. But again if the hardware wallet is lost then the bitcoins are lost unless there is a reliable keys backup.

Online wallets are least secure i.e. if you keep your bitcoins in some exchange. Here the key is with a third party. Although it is a convenient option then you are risking safety.

type of bitcoin wallet

Choosing the type of bitcoin wallet is entirely your choice. Here we explain mobile as well as hardware wallet in detail:

1.Mobile wallets: 

These are available in the form of smartphone apps and you can shop online easily according to the bitcoin price chart, right from your phone. It helps you transact on the go. Mostly all desktop, as well as online wallets, have their mobile apps. Also, there are specialized mobile wallets such as Bread, Edge, and Abra. You must keep a backup of your keys if you are downloading on your phone.

2.Hardware wallets:

These are small devices that connect to the internet only to provide bitcoin transactions. They are quite secure as they are offline and so cannot be hacked. But they can be lost or stolen, so keep a backup of the keys handy. Notable examples of hardware wallets are ledger, keep key, and trezor.