bitcoin faucet

What Are Bitcoin Faucets and Why People Use It?

With the popularity of the cryptocurrency & blockchain technology, many projects allows to make virtual money without even leaving your home has increased. So, using your computer and mobile phone on iOS and Android, creating the bitcoin faucet with capital of 1BTC isn’t a big problem. There are many useful tools and services that will help to make a faucet website.

There are a few reasons why anybody wants to run own faucet:

  • Giving something back: Crypto area stays new and scary to a lot of people and faucets are the best way of helping to introduce people to the cryptocurrency world. This allows the newbies to ‘try out before buying’ the coins. This allows the users to experiment it with the test transaction before putting out real money on a line.
  • Earning money: Making profit from the faucet website on own is much harder than making the popular faucet, however, it is possible. There’re many similar sites, thus it is the most competitive market, and making enough from the advertising to cover cost of coins that you will give away isn’t simple. Creating the extra content and interesting twist on a website will help.
  • Getting traffic: The faucets are the high traffic sites. It isn’t much difficult to get the vast number of the page views daily to the website that is giving free money.

How to make your Bitcoin faucet?

One popular way is using the micropayment services that offer the API for tracking the claims & referrals, and offer the basic site script.

The best method is building the fully independent website. The method offers more freedom for creating the unique user experience, which can attract the visitors. Even though it is very important to stay familiar with terms of the security, since people can exploit vulnerabilities in a faucet site to steal coin