how much melanotan 2 should i take

Achieve skin tanning faster with the help of Melanotan 2

Attaining perfect skin tanning is a desire of most of the people and to achieve it most of them used to spend more time on the tanning bed or they used to take sunbath often. It is a good option for skin tanning, yet it consume more time for tanning. Also staying under sunlight for more time may harm the skin as the skin will get exposure to ultraviolet rays. Now tanning is not difficult and can be achieved in a short time by using Melanotan 2. Through using Melanotan 2 peptide can attain full-body tan easily and in a short period of time. MT2 lets you save more time hereafter you no need to spend weeks for skin tanning which will last for only a few days as they fade off sooner.

What are the advantages of Melanotan 2?

  • Injecting the MT2 injections lets this tanning peptide enter the body then it acts like a stimulant as it encourages the production of melanin in the body for darkening the skin in a natural manner.
  • The MT2 is highly safe to use and this peptide offers protection from the harmful UV rays too.
  • With this injection you can get full-body tan quickly and it is risk-free also this process is very simple.
  • MT2 darkens the skin pigmentation in less time and the tanning attained using this injection will remain for a long time even after stopping using the MT2.

melanotan 2

Use MT2 safely by learning the correct dosage

When decided to use Melanotan 2 a question arise in mind as how much melanotan 2 should i take and it is essential to know the dosage level to avoid the risk of side effects. Initially, have to begin with the dosage of o.3mg to know how your body responds to it. Whereas at first can face some warming sensation, flush and mild nausea which are usual but it won’t makes you fall sick. For few days it is good to take this injection in the minimum dosage before bed to avoid those symptoms. These effects will disappear when proceeding with this treatment and the doses can be increased gradually.