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Buying real estate: how to choose between a house and an apartment?

You want to buy a real estate but your heart swings between a house and an apartment? How to choose and what are the real financial differences. We conducted the investigation for you. Click here to know how to get to bali.

The purchase price of the property

The acquisition cost of the property is the first criterion to study before you start. This amount corresponds to the purchase price, to which must be added the various costs related to this acquisition: agency fees, transfer taxes, more commonly known as notary fees, etc. The price per square meter of a house or apartment varies according to the structure of the house and the area in which the property is located. Visit this site to know how to get to bali.

Determine your location needs

One of the main criteria that you need to consider before choosing your type of property will be the location of the accommodation. Indeed, if your priority is to live in the heart of a big city, you should plan to turn to an apartment that is the type of property mainly found in this area. Conversely, the further you get from city centers, the more individual houses for sale, and the land will also be larger. To summarize, here are the specificities of each location:

The apartments are located mainly in the city center, close to transport and schools. On the other hand, if you have a car, parking will be more restricted and noise may be greater depending on the area.

The houses are further away from the shops and transport, and it is imperative to have a car to ensure your travel. But it is easier to find a quiet place, and you will have more easily an outdoor area.

bali villas60% higher maintenance costs for a home

If you choose to buy an apartment, you should know that you will share certain expenses with the co-owners of the building. On the other hand, if you become the owner of a detached house, you will have to assume all the expenses alone (maintenance, heating, etc.). This criterion will have to be taken into account when it comes time to make your choice.

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