Gantt chart

Some Main Advantages of using a Gantt type schedule

If you are working on projects or if you are in a position that requires enterprise resource planning, you may have heard of the Gantt chart. For beginners, let us give you a little introduction.

The Gantt chart is a tool for visually representing the progress of different tasks that make up the same project by attaching a start date and an end date. It allows a level of finesse in the planning and management of tasks more than a simple planning. If you are initial a free timeline creator Original scheme and need to plan your resources effectively, here are the 6 benefits of using Gantt-style planning


In a simple drag and drop, you will be able to assign each task to a resource (human or material). The use of the Gantt chart gives you the ability, in a few clicks, to adjust the duration of each task, and the dependencies between them. You will also have a concise vision of your project schedule, which will allow you to see in a glance how resources are allocated and the progress of each   free timeline creator task. Thus, you will be able to avoid waste of time and / or waste (underutilized resources, unnecessary overtime, etc.).


Gantt chart

One of the great benefits of the Gantt chart is the ease of use : list all your tasks, take a period, plan these tasks and you will have a nice colored bar that will represent your task. Users do not need in-depth training to understand the concept. And with the drag-and-drop function, the essentials can be done in a few clicks. The interface of the graph allows a clear and simple vision of the project and therefore a quick understanding of the whole project. The pleasant color codes and the layout of the diagram, but also the representation of the critical and constrained paths make it an asset to control your project efficiently but also to identify the problems immediately.


To create a schedule with a Gantt chart, the user will need to list the tasks. For that, he will have to ask himself a certain number of questions: By what to begin? At what moment? What will I need?

An effort of structuring ideas is therefore necessary before the implementation of the Gantt type schedule. The planner will thus have a very organized vision of the project, so he can implement them on his schedule.