privacy intact online

Be aware of keeping your privacy intact online

In the internet era, it is important to keep one’s identity secure and safe. This will help in protecting their personal data as well as their financial information which will avoid any kind of hacking attacks. This will also help in saving themselves from getting tracked in the online space. While there are various options to do it, one must choose the one which will suit them. While big businesses opt for a high paid software to do this, there are better and cheap options available which can be tried out by any person.

VPN option

Advanced options

One can go with the proxy browser which can be seen as one of the most efficient solution here. This is a free web proxy service which will help the individual in protecting their privacy. Since it comes with the unpaid option, it will be helpful for all the people out there. They also support the video sites which are great advantage as with this site there is the option to look at any kind of video site in an anonymous manner. This will be termed as the best alternative when comparing to the VPN option. This service is completely free and there is not even the need to download the site. There is also no necessity to configure anything in the site. This will actually be used as a proxy browser. Since this site will be using a modern technology it will be helpful in accessing all kinds of sites. Even the modern websites as well as the applications can be accessed easily here.

Several advantages

This site will also go hand in hand with YouTube. This makes the site the best option to for the proxy option. By using this site, one can safely assume that the web traffic will not be detected. This means that all kinds of tracking will be off and the web search history will not be detected elsewhere. In fact there is no need to pass the traffic as one single web page can also be opened here. There is no complicated need to download and configure anything which involves complexity. Here the basic version can be used by any person as it is free. When going for the premium version which is purely the user’s choice, they will have the benefit of omitting ads as well as get extra features on the side.