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Tips to make your wedding photos a success

Let’s go with our tips to make your wedding photos a success. Here are the technical photo tips on the preparation, the tips and tricks to not miss. Click here to know about wedding photographer los angeles ca.

Photograph the preparations

The preparations for the wedding are great memories. The hairdressing session, the putting on of the dress, the waiting of the groom, the newlyweds looking for bouquets of flowers, wedding rings, etc. Follow the grooms before the ceremony and shoot the good times. Pay attention to your battery, the most important thing is following!Visit this site to know about wedding photographer los angeles ca.

Photograph the white dress

You must set the exposure correctly to capture the wedding dress;opt for a weighted exposure measure and focus on the dress. If the scene lacks brightness, overexpose or under expose to + -1IL. Then check with the histogram that you are well exposed: A peak on the left you are underexposed, a peak on the right, overexposed.

Use bracketing mode

This is another way to avoid being over or under exposed. This mode will allow you to take a picture with different exposures. Set the option according to the number of exposures you want. Do not overdo it because it takes space and time.

Choose a place and original poses

If honeymooners have more classic tastes, you can photograph them under a tree. So, they will not be dazzled by sunny weather, you will not have exposure problems due to strong contrasts of lights. You can also capture the married couple on the steps of the church or the town hall, by the sea, etc. For a modern shot, offer the bride and groom to run towards you, laugh assured!

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Capture the emotions

Do not forget the details that may seem trivial! Do not miss the kissing couple, the glass of champagne, the rose bouquet, the confetti on the white dress, the children having fun, the smiles and the tears of joy, all these moments that will touch the couple. Play on the depth of field, and so leave priority to the set opening between F2 and F4.

Use your flash

Inside and outside your flash will be a very good complement of lighting. Use in TTL auto mode and decrease the flash intensity to -2IL. Orient it towards your subject, so it will be detached from the background and put forward. Indoors let the intensity down and direct the flash to the ceiling while remaining in automatic mode to avoid marked shadows.

Work in RAW

This is the recommended format for such an event. Indeed, you will get a file of size and maximum definition. You can retouch your shots: exposure, brightness, contrast, size, and more. The RAW will be very useful, especially if you miss your settings.