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How to Renovate Your garden With DIY furniture

Are you wondering about getting new furniture to give your outdoor an extraordinary look? You’ve stopped by the right destination then. Here, we’ve come up with some elegant outdoot furniture do-it-yourself ideas that can transform your old balcony or monotonous garden into a marvelous one.

How it would feel when you sit at your garden and find out your chairs are in an urgent need of a facelift? Or, might be, they look too old. No worries, follow these simple DIY tricks and make your neighbors jealous with a ravishing looking garden. If DIY is not your cup of tea, you may opt out ant Melbourne furniture store to get mind-blowing outdoor furniture.

What Do You Need?

All that you need-

    1. Furniture of Garden
    2. Sand Paper
  1. Newspaper Sheet for Dusting
  2. All surface Spray Paint
  3. Tape

furniture stores melbourne

What Do You need to Do?

Let’s check out the simple steps that help you to make outstanding DIY garden furniture in melobourne furniture stores.

  1. Take your furniture to such an area that has a proper ventilation system and keep them in the old newspaper or dusting sheet. In order to prevent the spread of debris, try to cover the surrounding areas with old newspapers.
  2. Now, use the sandpapers to make the surface plain that you will paint. There should not be any loose paint, oil, wax, grease or rust.
  3. Use the decorating tapes to the areas, which you can’t paint like the metal legs or handles of the garden chair.
  4. Now hold the spray paint 30 cm away from the painting surface and give them the color that you want. Spray it in a back to forth direction.
  5. Let them dry.

Once they’re completely dried, your favorite new looking furniture is ready to place it in the garden.