The GdaxCryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Gdax is one of the best exchange platforms of cryptocurrency which was launched by coinbase in order to promote professional trading systems. There were many benefitting features of this platform like fast transactions and low fees. Moreover, with this platform, any trader can place his market order and limit orders plus enjoy the world-class trading facilities by doing trading from home.

Is doing trading through GDAX beneficial at all

A cryptocurrency exchange is an elaborate method to understand. Therefore before making out any transaction, it is important as well as beneficial to learn about the cryptocurrency exchange methods and qualities. Herein since the topic of discussion is gdax let’s discuss some pros and cons of using this method of cryptocurrency trading.

The pros:


  • The trader can easily migrate from his coinbase trading account to the GDAX trading account that too totally free of any cost.
  • The platform supports many cryptocurrency variants like the bitcoin, the ether, the ripple, the bitcoin, EOS, and the Stellar.
  • Moreover, other market trading market hosting like FOC,GTC,GAX, and OIC.
  • Highly secure
  • The funds are stored online through keys therefore no stress of losses and non-vulnerable to hack attacks.

The cons:

  • The GDAX reach is not to the mass world. Not many people are aware of the facilities that the GDAX offers. Only some of the chosen countries are allowed to use the GDAX trading platform.
  • This system is only for the people who are professional traders because the site is not easy navigable and easy to understand for the novice users.