Assortlist Paid Services

Terms That Should Be Followed When Using Assortlist Paid Services

Assortlist is one of the biggest network which helps in finding the right job for the people who wants them. They have a list of numerous jobs from many regions of the world. These job vacancies are posted by the employers so that the people who find the nature of job suitable for them can apply for it.  They also offer some paid services from time to time. Along with the usual services they offer, they also add some additional services for which they collect an amount as fee for the particular service that is provided. There are certain terms that are strictly followed when it comes to the paid services that they offer. They are mentioned as follows: any fee that is collected will be solely determined only by assortlist. Any fee that is collected will only be denominated in the form of US dollars. They also have an exemption of tax. The payment methods are also specifically chosen by the right classified and any payment should be made only according to the methods they follow.

AssortList Paid Services

The order will be processed only after the payment is verified by the team members of assortlist. If the verification does not go through, any order that is placed will be cancelled or suspended until further action. They also offer subscription to some of their services which can sometimes have auto renewal as their default setup. During such instances, assortlist can collect money from the subscribed person’s payment account on a recurrent basis as the charge for the subscription that was done. The rates will be revised in the future if the subscription fee is changed. If a person wishes to unsubscribe, they should make a cancellation in order to do that. Help center of assortlist is to be contacted if a person wishes to cancel their subscription.  The right to modify the amount that is collected from the clients can be modified by AssortList Paid Services at any period of time. Being one of the biggest online classifieds, assortlist has a number of trusted clients who have been using the platform for a very long time.