Used cars in el cajon

How Much Coverage does your Used Car Need?

So, recently bought a used car to save money. This is a smart move, because if you know where to buy cars, you can find a bargain in a used car with high fuel consumption. Given the state of the economy and the cost of gas, it is not surprising that people look for cheaper modes of transportation.

Used cars in el cajonNow that you have a car, the next insurance question

You may think that because you haveĀ Used cars in el cajon you will not need as much lighting as for the new model. In fact, the question of how much insurance you should have will depend on a number of factors, and although the question of the age and condition of your car will come into play, having a used car does not necessarily mean that you can save on your insurance policy.

The first thing to understand: it is very risky to travel without insurance. If you have an accident and do not have a policy, you are not immune to any damage to your vehicle. If it also caused an accident, you will have serious problems if there are damages or injuries! In addition, it is forbidden to drive without insurance, so if a police officer stops you on the road and discovers that you do not have insurance, this may mean the suspension of your license or something more serious.

Depending on where you live, you will need to have civil liability insurance while driving and / or owning the car. If you cannot pay the money due to savings or if you believe that your car is not valuable enough for mass protection, you may consider a policy with minimal costs. However, keep in mind that although you may receive compensation in the future, a minimum policy may not cover certain things, such as injury or theft. It is important to discuss with your insurance agent what your policy will do. In some states, you must also have protection against injury or PIP insurance that can compensate you if you are injured. Such coverage is also useful if the driver of a car crashing into your car is not sufficiently covered.


In the end, the amount of insurance you should have for your used car should be enough to help you with medical expenses and reasonable repairs. The exact amount of the minimum policy is determined by where you live and perhaps even by the value of your car, but it is important to remember that you should have a policy in case something happens.