How to Design a Logo That’s Perfect?

Designing a logo may sound very easy and fast. However, it is easy if all you want to do is to draw a circle and write the company’s name inside it. This doesn’t really qualify as a professional logo and it can put down the brand identity and brand value of your client very badly. With more and more people starting their own business, logos have a very big role to play when developing brand identity. Every client would want a logo that’s meaningful and sophisticated and not just a plain boring one. This is why every designer to ponder upon a few points before thinking about how to design a logo.


A logo is the representation of an entire business and it should ideally represent it without many complications. Every logo must be meaningful in terms of its relationship with the business or the brand. Also, a designer must know that there are different types of logos and you have to design one according to what the client wants and according to what the brand requires. For example, KFC has a sophisticated logo with a picture of the owner but if you look at the logo of Facebook, it’s just a letter in a blue box.


A good design is creative and unique. Of course, you can be inspired by another logo but you must always try to create something unique out of your ideas so that the logo stands out and grabs the attention of the people.


Color is something that’s very important when it comes to logos. The color of the logo becomes a part of the identity of the brand which they will have to use in all the spheres of their expansion.

Sophisticated yet simple

When I say a sophisticated logo, it shouldn’t be something like a messed up puzzle. It should look sophisticated but it should be simple enough for people to understand the beauty of it.

Negative Space

If you remember the FedEx logo, you probably might remember the white arrow in it. “Probably” is because it’s a bit tricky to spot that arrow and that’s the brilliance of the design. The letters are put together in such a manner that the white spaces in between them, looks like an arrow. Isn’t that creative?

Active is always better

Again, this is something that’s applicable only to a few types of logos and the taste of the client. The Twitter bird isn’t idle, it’s flying, right? This is because if you’re using a character or an animal, it’s always better to make them move or make some faces.