Getting entered into the login page of

While building the network between the computers, we never neglect the prominence of an IP address. Yes, IP address is the most vital aspect for a network to identify the individual computer. Being a techie, you definitely know that the IP addresses are not only assigned for the personal computers, but they also used for the routers too. In that manner, the IP addresses are used as the default gateway for the routers of various manufacturers. When you have purchased the new wireless router for your home network, you should initialize the services by configuring its features. Well, is one of the most common IP addresses for various wireless routers. After it is purchased, you can configure it by entering into the login page. Now, you are going to see the need of configuring the router easily.

Entering into login page

As you know, is the default IP for the router and after you have purchased the router, you can change it down for doing your networking tasks. Since the networking tasks are so confidential, it should be protected with the specific user name and password. For setting such authorization details, you need to login to this default IP. You can do the networking tasks as following by using this IP address.

  • Enabling and disabling the network connection
  • Securing your wireless network
  • Modifying the name of your network

These are just simple tasks you can do on your network. They can be done once you have entered into the login page over the admin tool.

Before login to the, you need to verify whether you are connected to the network. If you are not connected to the network, it won’t work. No matter whether it is the wireless or wired connection, it is important to be stay connected.