Care and Cleaning of Decorative 304 Stainless Steel

Decorative  304 stainless steel can add a different look and finesse to any place they are used. This stainless steel is highly durable. The best part about it is that it’s very cost effective. The performance of this stainless steel is always high no matter how much it is used. There are a range of domestic as well as industrial purposes for which this type of stainless steel is used. One can bend or mold it, any which way one wants. This however does not play negatively with its original strength. It is too flexible and can be easily cast into a variety of sizes and shapes.

Decorative  304 stainless steel is highly preferred for its longevity. The designers and architects make use of this stainless steel severally in their respective field of work. One of the strongest characteristics of this stainless steel is that it can be retained under extreme of circumstances. Leak-proof and crack proof properties are some of its other characteristics to be mentioned among its benefits. Not to forget about its corrosion resistance and temperature resistance attributes. It does not get scratch and hence the shining and polished look remains.

Care and Cleaning

There are however a certain degree of care and cleaning which is required to keep the decorative 304 stainless steel in shape. It is very easy matter to clean this kind of stainless steel. The chromium and nickel present in it make it rust resistant. However, this should not be taken for granted and hence one should never stop from taking care of the stainless steel.

To begin with, one needs to take a wet cloth moistened with white vinegar. This should be followed by gentle rubbing and drying. The dirt and grit on it can be removed by using mild soap and plain water. It should be rinsed with clean water and wiped dry with a clean and dry cloth.

One of the best cleansers would be using mild paste of water and baking soda, which is nonabrasive. However, good care should be taken to rinse it nicely and then dry it up. The stripes can be fixed by using club soda on a clean cloth and then rinsing off well. After doing with the cleaning part, the 304 stainless steel should be rubbed with olive oil that aids in removing streaks. The end result is a highly polished hardware.

There are certain do not’s associated with cleaning of 304 stainless steel. One should never use cleansers that have chlorine in it as that will result in staining the hardware. Also one should make sure not to use any abrasive cleaners. It is advisable not to use steel wool or steel brushes for cleaning the hardware as that will end up it having scratches.

The more expensive the stainless steel is, the more corrosion resistant it will be. It is a wise thing to carry a magnet while shopping for stainless steel. If the magnet does not stick to the stainless piece, it is definitely the high quality 304 stainless.